April showers bring out the drainage issues…

Well it’s April, spring is in full swing, and with that comes one thing for sure in Dallas, Texas: Lots of rain. While that’s a wonderful deal for all the wildflower enthusiasts out there, if you’ve got clay soil (you do), then you might be dealing with some standing water in your lawn.

Now is as urgent a time as any to address water run-off problems, erosion around your foundation, or that three-day lake in your backyard which almost deserves a name. We can come up with a creative solution to drain that water the way you want, custom designing a system which fits your property. You might not realize the options you have until we put a laser level on your yard and determine with perfect accuracy the exact fall we are working with. It never ceases to surprise us where a prime place to discharge water sits – looks can be deceiving, but the laser never lies!

Give us a call today and we’ll give you a free assessment of your situation and offer a landscape drainage system design to solve the problem.