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Waterproofing a structure or building is a complex process that involves the consideration of many factors:

  • What type of material is being sealed,
  • What condition is that material in,
  • Which side of the structure is accessible, etc.

Beyond that, it is also essential to be knowledgeable of:

  • The ideal time (or temperature) to apply a waterproofing membrane,
  • Which product to use (depending on what conditions it will be required to handle),
  • The application process, which is absolutely critical in order for a waterproofing job to last the lifetime of the structure.

When it comes to waterproofing as it relates to drainage, one of the structures that requires the most attention to detail is the basement. Even though basements are not common in Dallas, Texas, we do find them in certain areas, particularly in what is known as the “walk-out basement” where, due to the sloped topography of the land, a portion of the first floor is below grade, with the rest being level with the property. Basements or any type of below grade property require extra scrutiny because of the fallout that would happen if a substrate application failed. Technology has come a long way in recent years, as old methods were discovered to have broken down over time. Make sure that the waterproofing membrane you are getting is up to date and the best in its class!

Other applications which require waterproofing or sealing are when cracks develop in a concrete foundation beam or separation has occurred between joints, where water is seeping into a home or crawl space. Keep in mind, there are different types of cracks – some more complex than others. For example, if your pier and beam foundation is shifting, an existing crack could eventually become even larger, rendering a repair obsolete. These are things to be aware of, and worth the attention or input from others, such as a foundation repair expert.

Sealing a structure is a particularly challenging task, when the goal is to stop the world’s greatest solvent: Water.

Waterproofing something correctly depends on the material being sealed, as well as the conditions in which it is being worked – there is no one size fits all approach to stopping water in its tracks (and having that barrier last.) Give us a call and let us evaluate your particular situation and develop a solution that protects your home for years to come.

Basement Waterproofing Projects:

Dallas Drainage Pros is your best bet when it comes to something as critical as waterproofing your home. Our process is all about details, combining the latest in technology with the consistency of time-proven techniques.

Basement Waterproofing Dallas Texas
Basement Waterproofing Dallas Texas
Basement Waterproofing Dallas Texas
Basement Waterproofing Dallas Texas

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