Cleaning & Repairing French Drains and Landscape Drainage

French Drain Cleaning with a Hydro-Jet Machine:

Using a Sewer Camera to Diagnose & Repair Landscape Drainage Issues

Dallas Drainage Pros is your best choice when it comes to cleaning, servicing or repairing French drain or landscape drainage systems. Using experience and equipment like a sewer camera, we can determine quickly the root issue of a problem. Call the Pros to diagnose and resolve your drainage system issues.

Maintaining a French drain or landscape drainage system ensures its efficiency and longevity in diverting water away from structures and preventing waterlogged areas. Proper maintenance involves several steps:

  1. Regular Inspection: Check the drain routinely, especially after heavy rains, to ensure it is functioning correctly. Watch out for signs of overflow or areas where water isn’t draining as it should.

  2. Clearing Debris: Over time, the drain pipe can become clogged with debris, leaves, or sediment. Periodically clear away any obstructions to ensure smooth water flow. Dallas Drainage Pros uses a hydro-jet machine with high-pressure water we clean out these obstructions.

  3. Inspect for Root Intrusions: Trees and shrubs can sometimes send roots toward the moisture around a French drain. These roots can clog or damage the pipe. Using a sewer camera, we can check for any signs of root intrusion, and if necessary, replace the section of pipe which has been affected.

  4. Ensure Outlet Integrity: Make sure the drain’s outlet, where the water exits, remains clear and directs water appropriately. It shouldn’t cause erosion or pooling in its exit area. We can extend or adjust the outlet if needed.

  5. Landscape Maintenance: We recommend keeping the area around all catch basins, inlets and outlets clean and clear of dirt buildup and grass invasion. Doing so will increase the life of a drainage system and we will maintain these as a part of a service appointment.

Regular maintenance not only ensures the efficiency of a French drain and landscape drainage system but also prolongs its life, protecting your property from potential water damage. If you notice persistent issues despite your own regular maintenance, give us a call and let us help diagnose if there is a more complex problem with the system.

What Happens if You Don't Clean Your Drainage:

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