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The technical term “French Drain” is reserved for a specific type of landscape drainage system. A French drain is a unique solution that can absorb surface water from a large area. It utilizes a combination of perforated pipe (pipe with pre-drilled holes), 1″ gravel, and geo-textile non-woven barrier fabric. Depending on soil type, a French drain can also have the added benefit of redistributing large amounts of water deeper into the ground.

French drains can be placed next to (but off-set from) a home, along a driveway, or right in the middle of a trouble area where water wants to stand and then built on from there to push the water elsewhere. (A substitute for the traditional French drain is the EZ-Flow product by NDS.)

French Drain Landscape Lawn Yard Drainage Dallas

When it comes to Landscape drainage (aka lawn or yard drainage), a PVC drain is the most efficient and durable option when it comes to drainage. (Depending on a few factors, such as slope), one single 4″ pipe can handle the run-off from an entire tennis court – and that’s a lot of water! PVC drain pipe comes in a standard Sewer & Drain pipe density used for general applications  and SDR 35 (which is thicker and offers more flexibility under harsh soil conditions such as around tree roots.) Depending on the scale and needs of your project we can select either one. Another material often seen is corrugated pipe. However, one of the issues with corrugated pipe is that it is not as dense as PVC and is prone to invasion by tree roots. In addition, because of its design, corrugated pipe can be very difficult to clean. It also does not push water as fast as a smooth PVC, and under many circumstances would not be sufficient depending on the amount of run-off or slope. As a general rule, we use PVC for our installs.

Property drainage of this type is often connected to gutter downspouts and/or drainage basins (as depicted in photo) and channels water to different and desired location.

French Drain Landscape Lawn Yard Drainage Dallas

A channel drain handles water run-off from large concrete areas. Whether from something like a driveway or a tennis court, oftentimes a channel drain is the only thing that works!

Channel drains can be placed adjacent to a concrete surface or right in the middle, which requires cutting into the existing slab, or, incorporating one into the design of a fresh pour of concrete. The channel is then connected to a PVC piping system which draws the water to a desired area.

Custom Concrete Channel Drain Dallas

Sometimes grading a property is the appropriate solution to a drainage issue. Water will naturally flow to the lowest area, and if a ridge or un-level yard is the problem, regrading the topography can work great if done properly.

Another issue the often runs concurrent with drainage is erosion. A yard that deals with mud sliding due to a steep slope, will end up clogging or overrunning a drainage system if not addressed in tandem.

Soil Grading and Erosion Control Dallas

When it comes to waterproofing as it relates to drainage, one of the structures that requires the most scrutiny is the basement. Even though basements are not common in Texas, we do find them in certain areas, particularly what is known as the “walk-out basement” where, due to the sloped topography of the land, a portion of the first floor is below grade, with the rest being level with the property. Other applications which require waterproofing are when cracks develop in a concrete foundation beam or separation has occurred between joints, where water is seeping into homes or areas undesired.

Sealing a structure is a particularly challenging task, when the goal is to stop the world’s greatest solvent: Water. Waterproofing something correctly depends on the material being sealed, as well as the conditions in which it is being worked – there is no one size fits all approach to stopping water in its tracks (and having that barrier last.) Give us a call and let us evaluate your particular situation and develop as solution that protects your home for years to come.

Basement Waterproofing Dallas Texas

Does your project call for a sump pump? We can install one, and ensure that the size we choose will handle the area of concern. Sump pumps are not all created equal, and understanding how much water you will need to remove is essential to avoid a disaster.

In addition, sump pumps need to be regularly cleaned and serviced. If you have an existing sump pump, let us come out and ensure proper function.

Sump Pump Service Dallas

Dallas Drainage Pros is your best choice when it comes to cleaning, servicing or repairing French drain or landscape drainage systems. Using our experience, we can determine quickly the root issue of a problem. Call the Pros to diagnose and resolve your drainage system issues.

Service includes two technicians, a powerful hydro jet machine to flush the lines, and a sewer camera to inspect to see if there are any damages, such as a root intrusion, blockage, or poor system design.

French drain and yard drainage cleaning service Dallas

Whatever your drainage problem, we’ve got you covered. We are local drainage professionals in the Dallas area, providing quality solutions to landscape drainage issues. Whether it is installing a French drain, sump pump, seamless gutters, or cleaning an existing system, we will leave you confident that your property will withstand the next Dallas downpour!

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