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Dallas Drainage Pros is your best choice when it comes to installing a landscape, yard or lawn drainage solutions. From runoff calculations to system design, you can rest assured that if landscape drainage is what you need, it will be done correctly. A landscape drainage system, or commonly referred to as yard or lawn drainage, involves the use of catchment basins (also known as surface drains) and/or tying in runoff sources such as gutter downspouts from the roof. Yard drainage is often called a “French drain” but has fewer components and is less labor intensive to install. 

Many contractors will install drainage with corrugated (black, flexible) pipe, because it is cheaper and easier to work with, but it is our experience that the best material to use is a smooth PVC material, because it lasts much longer and carries water much faster. PVC also stays cleaner (because it naturally flushes better) and is easier to clean if it needs to be, as apposed to corrugated which clogs faster and becomes unserviceable with time. However, just because a company uses PVC, doesn’t mean they will install it correctly, or take the time to design it so that it functions properly. (See video below)

When it comes to installing a landscape or lawn drainage system, design is absolutely critical. At Dallas Drainage Pros we put a lot of consideration into what a homeowner will be dealing with down the road long after we’re gone. For one, when in question, we use a laser level to confirm we have enough slope for a drainage system to work. In addition, during an install, we use a hand level to ensure that each section of pipe is sloped the correct direction. Another thing, and a big consideration we make, is whether or not the layout allows the system to be serviced and cleaned. We encounter systems all the time with improper fittings which clog fast and don’t allow a hose to pass through for cleaning or a camera for inspection. As one of the only companies in the Dallas metroplex who cleans landscape drains, we are quite aware of bad drainage designs, and as a result, are very meticulous about installing systems which can be cleaned and inspected easily.

We are painstaking about choosing a design as well as adding components which allow for service and inspection later on. For example, we add clean outs to allow hose and camera access to portions of a system which would otherwise not be, if only installed as a solid pipe system. Don’t make the mistake that so many do, by allowing a contractor to install a yard drainage system for thousands of dollars which cannot be inspected or cleaned!

Landscape drainage requires a basic understanding of physics, combined with plenty of field experience. Ultimately, if you are looking for quality and precision to address standing water in your yard or flooding of your home, look to Dallas Drainage Pros to design and install the drainage system for your property. When it comes to draining water from your lawn or yard, the specifics matter, and we stand behind our work. Check out our videos detailing some of the things we consider.

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