Seeing lots of poorly designed drainage systems

Anyone can do drainage – that’s what I thought before I really got into it and began studying all the nuance. Now that I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of landscape drainage, I’ve discovered more and more the issues people run into down the road with a system that does not consider properly the nature of water and the area being dealt with.

Landscape drainage is more than just adding a few catch basins and drain pipe. There’s the level and elevation to consider and whether or not we have enough slope to get the water to go where we want it to. There’s also the issue of which direction the water is flowing and whether the design in question compliments or contradicts that natural flow. Besides this, what will happen down the line, a year or two from now when leaves and grime have found their way into a system – will it still run properly or be easily cleaned?

Installing a new drainage system is expensive enough that hiring someone who does not know to ask these questions (much less how to answer them) can be a very costly mistake. If you’re concerned about a drainage issue you are having on your lawn, call a pro, Dallas Drainage Pros.